Making music with motorcycle engine oil?

 While the engine oil is essential for keeping the engine in good condition and work smoothly,  it can also be used to create music. Yes, that’s right, the engine oil that you use on a regular basis can be used to make music. With a stroke of creativity and a grain of science, a daily product can be turned into a piece of art, from practicality to passion.

I’m fascinated by how people sell products, take the brand Yamalube.

This is the ad that the company created to advertise its engine oil product:

So does this ad sell me on Yamalube? Not really. I’m sold on a few of those Yamalube-branded wine glasses though. “Spurgeon’s coming over, bring the finest crystal!”

But you know what? They made a song with motor oil. Yamalube sales won’t tank or take off after this ad, but they got some oil, found someone with incredible talent, and went for it. Impressive stuff.

This isn’t Yamalube’s first outing with unusual Yamalube ads. Earlier this year, they built a Yamalube-slathered Rube Goldberg machine featuring a steel ball that makes engine noises, which, I might admit, looks dope:

Who could’ve thought that a product as simple as an engine oil can create music?

The motorcycle world is full of secrets and incredible ideas that can make the world a more enjoyable place by entertaining people. It requires a lot of passion, talent, and hard work.

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